Before ANNEXNINE I worked as Technical-Director/Software-Developer in the global Visual Effects and Motion Pictures industry (Weta Digital). Prior to that I worked in the Animation and Motion Pictures industry (Disney Animation Studios), Aviation/Defense (CSC), Air Traffic Control (Eurocontrol), Geographical Information Systems (Unisys), Oil Exploration (British Petroleum) and Semiconductors R&D (GEC & IMEC). These jobs gave me the opportunity to work with international teams of people and to appreciate the cultures of the various countries I lived in.

Early on in my career I published a few R&D papers and got my name on a patent in acknowledgement of an innovation in LCD technology.

I received my education at the Twente University of Technology in The Netherlands and graduated as "Ingenieur" (MSc) at the faculty of Electrical Engineering. My specialisation was semi-conductor electronics with an emphasis on physics and mathematics.

Although I have a technical background I do enjoy the visual arts as well as keeping up my figure drawing skills which I was taught at Walt Disney Feature Animation. This combination of the 'rational' with the 'intuitive' has helped me also to get a better understanding of a collaborative work place that relies on both artistic skills as well as technological know-how.