My name is Rene van de Poel. I am of Dutch origin, but currently living in France where I am registered at the Chamber of Commerce as a freelance software-developer/technical-director. ANNEXNINE is a working title that I use to run my business.


My principal activity is focused on the Visual Effects and Animation Motion Pictures Industry and includes:
  • software development on Linux of Autodesk Maya plugins
  • creation of production pipeline tools
  • production work
I am currently a professional member of the Autodesk Developer Network

My secondary activity is Software Development in general. Before joining the Visual Effects and Animation Industry I was involved in Software Development Projects in a number of other but very separate industries (e.g. Semiconductors, Oil Exploration, Air Traffic Control, GIS, Avionics).

Alternatively, I like to help individuals or small local businesses with sorting out practical IT issues:
  • to facilitate a better technological understanding
  • to assist with producing web content
  • to provide hardware and software support
  • to promote business ideas through the internet


As a Dutch national and a registered freelancer in France I am legally allowed to work anywhere within the European Union. Potential work in other parts of the world might be subject to immigration and visa regulations. Alternatively, dependent on the circumstances, I could work remotely from my work place in France. 


While employed as a Technical Director at Walt Disney Feature Animation (USA) and Weta Digital (New Zealand) I used an informal work style where fact-finding/feedback sessions with artists were combined with quick software development cycles so that the final product satisfied the production needs. This pragmatic approach proved to be very effective and produced positive feedback from the people involved. With ANNEXNINE I foster this type of collaboration in order to give my customers a measure of control over the final result. 


Autodesk Developer Network